Are you heading to a gig and want some protection for your hearing? We’ve got the ultimate concert ear plugs for you.

Our ISOLATE® ear protection is the ideal choice for concerts and clubs. Here’s why…

Block sound from entering your ears

ISOLATE® is made from metal, which completely blocks noise from directly entering your ears. Even bass frequencies and uncomfortable subsonic dirge cannot get past the dense, aerospace grade material. You might be wondering why the metal doesn’t conduct sound into your ear. If so, you can read more about that here.

Experience better sound quality

Since the distorted sound from the PA will be blocked by your new concert ear plugs, you will be able to hear incredible sonic details at safe levels. That’s because you will hear details in sound through bone conduction. So, you will be listening to exactly what the band are playing, not the unintended consequences of the mixing desk and speakers.

They look great

Wearing ear plugs to a concert used to mean stuffing silicone or foam into your ear: not a good look. ISOLATE® benefit from a beautiful design. They are finely crafted in aluminium and titanium in a range of colours.

They are comfortable

The last thing you want from concert ear plugs is to be constantly having to readjust them because they are uncomfortable or, even worse, are causing you pain. You’ll have none of that with ISOLATE®. Each pair comes with a set of small, medium and large Earfoams, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit for your ears. The Earfoams also serve to isolate the metal to ensure it blocks sound rather than conducting it into your ear.

Why would I want concert ear plugs?

There are lots of reasons why people choose to wear our ISOLATE® ear protection to gigs. These include:

Protecting their hearing

The most obvious reason, especially for serial gig-goers, to wear concert ear plugs is to avoid causing permanent damage to their hearing. Spending lots of time in the loud conditions of clubs and concerts can take its toll on your hearing, so it makes sense to guard against this.

The morning after

Some people don’t mind the noisy environment of a gig at the time, but can’t stand the ringing in their ears the morning after the concert. Ear plugs prevent that.

Their job depends on it

Take a producer, for example. They probably love music and love going to gigs. But they can’t do their job effectively if their ears are still ringing from taking a bit of a battering at a concert the previous night. Concert ear plugs keep their hearing in top condition for the day job.

Medical conditions

Some medical conditions cause extreme sensitivity to loud noises. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you were a music fan with a condition of that type? Our customers who are in that boat tell us that ISOLATE® has allowed them to enjoy gigs again, as you can see below...

 Try ISOLATE® as your concert ear plugs.

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