Calmer® PRO

Calmer® Pro is a life-changing product worn in the ear to gently reduce annoying noises. Our premium model provides the most accurate sound without blocking or making you feel isolated.


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Product description

• Calmer® Pro is a life-changing earplug alternative that reduces annoying noises without blocking sound.

• They are hollow and accurately reflect sound into our ears making trigger noises much more manageable.

• Wearing Calmer® Pro lets you relax and makes everything sound natural while remaining engaged with your surroundings.

• Comfortable soft silicone wrap with an aerospace aluminium waveguide for the most accurate sound delivery

Perfect for

Busy places • Eating and chewing • Electric buzz/Smartphone sounds • Traffic • Cutlery • Ticking/Tapping • Children/Family noise

Also suitable for

Sensory overwhelm • Sensitive hearing • Enhanced focus and concentration • Relaxation and well-being • Supporting sensory needs • Various auditory challenges

More Info

• Also available in Calmer, Soft, Secure and Kids models.

• Calmer fitting video

The Calmer Range | Customer Stories

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Customer Reviews

Based on 333 reviews
Jennifer Khan Perez
Standout customer service

I work in an intensive care unit and am always around background static, noise, beeps of machines, and background conversations, etc. When I discovered the Flare product range online I thought I'd try them to see if they would make a difference to my experience of my usual working environment.

I purchased the Flare Pro plugs in the standard size and immediately felt relief from the majority of the sounds around me. I could still hear everything and respond to all alarms and conversations without the discomfort. I noticed it especially near the end of the shift when I was more alert and less psychologically exhausted despite being physically tired.

The only negative I noticed was the plugs felt tight in my ears and I had to periodically keep pushing them back in throughout the day because they would slip, especially if I was talking or eating.
I received a message from the customer service team asking for feedback and I related the above issue.

They responded immediately and sent me the option to exchange them for the pro minis, which I received in a couple of days. I have been wearing them almost daily since.

I wanted to thank Jay for his prompt and helpful responses to my emails and for his help in diagnosing the issue.

The pro minis are comfy to wear and easy to clean and insert/remove. I recommend this to anyone who is bothered by mental tiredness due to noise pollution and who wants to feel more focused and relaxed.

Colin Field

Literally. My brain has been stunned into a more peaceful and yes, a calmer, state of mind. I already had a pair of the standard Calmer plugs, which are great, but the Pro's seem to fit better, more securely and don't become irritating at all.

Amáliz Encarnación Negrón
Thank you

I made this upgrade from the regular calmer, at the moment I don't notice the difference but I will see through the day. I was using the regular calmer for like a year or more and made the difference for me. Also I want to be thankful for the customer service for helping me when the delivery didn't get me the package. Will definitely buy again from you guys.

Hearing Sensitivities

Since launching Calmer we've heard how much they've been helping people with managing noise sensitivities. Read our blogs from people who got in touch with us to find out more...

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Technical Specification

TECHNOLOGYCalmer PRO reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny aluminium waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha. Tested by the ISVR: University of Southampton.

Exterior• Length: 11.7mm
• Width: 12.6mm

MATERIALS • Soft-touch durable silicone• Precision milled aluminium

PACKAGINGCalmer arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

Included with Calmer Pro• 1x pair of Calmer Pro• Flare carry pouch• User guide

Calmer Pro does not contain latex

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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