earHD® 90

Upgrade your ears with this revolutionary passive device that enhances and focuses sound.

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Chosen colour: Clear


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• Music or spoken word events 

• Playing an instrument

• Watching TV

• Listening to nature


• Conversation

• Anywhere you want to focus on more detail in sound


• Proven to increase high frequency detail

• 60º - 90º dispersion for capturing sound

• Tough and durable

• Up to 12.8dB in ambient noise blocking

• Comfortable to wear

earHD® 90 fitting guide

What's included

• 1 pair of earHD 90

• Three sizes of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare carry pouch

Compatible Accessories

Here's our earHD 90 compatible accessories:

Large Capsule

Pocket Capsule

Hard Cases

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Good at blocking out annoying frequencies and make a much clearer sound. Difficult to wear in public as they are quite obvious but overall good for people with sensory processing issues.


I have several sets of FLARE earplugs so I always have them close to hand when the noise gets a bit too much. Brilliant if you are hyper sensitive to the sounds in your environment but need to focus - for example at work or when studying in lively places.

Amanda R
Help but not as much as hoped for

I got these for my dad who suffers from tinnitus and mild hearing loss. Not sure if he is still adjusting to these, but he had hoped that they would have really upped the game when it comes to Flare products. He mainly uses them for watching TV but maybe I should suggest he uses them when he goes out to play pool at the pool hall. He says they are comfortable to wear but I worry that he thinks they would improve his hearing vs filtering out background noise.

Technical Specification

A passive hearing device that increases detail and reduces distracting ambient noise.

TECHNOLOGY earHD 90 includes two patent pending technologies which are designed to focus and enhance the sound in front of you whilst blocking out ambient noises.

MATERIALS • Clear polycarbonate with high gloss finish
• Black acetal with a high gloss finish

SIZE (not including tip)23.4mm x 22.94mm

REPLACEABLE TIPSearHD 90 comes with replaceable silicone tips in the following sizes:
Small | Medium | Large

INCLUDED WITH earHD • Three sizes of replaceable silicone tips and a Flare carry pouch

INDEPENDENT TESTING • Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Download the full report here.

Patent pending1916594.3 | 2004011.9
Design registration006645016-0001 | 006645016-0002 | 006645016-0003 | 006645016-0004

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