Calmer® Kids

Make spiky sounds smooth.

Worn in the ear to reduce stressful sounds for kids so they can focus on the important ones.


Chosen colour: Translucent


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Worn comfortably in the ear to reduce stressful sounds and focus on the important ones. Reduces noise related stress & sensory overwhelm - without isolating you from sounds you want to hear.

Very helpful for those with: sensitive hearing, hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, noise related stress & other hearing conditions.

Wear them anywhere that noises annoy or upset you.

Perfect for: School • Playground • TV • Gaming • Travelling

Great for reducing background noise & assisting focus. Proven to be especially helpful for dyslexic children & children with ADHD.

What does Calmer Kids do?
• Reduces stressful frequencies - no muffled sound.

• Boosts focus and minimises distractions

• Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer

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• Comfortable

• Barely noticeable in the ear

• Extra soft, washable and reusable

• Four fun colours

• Made of safe, non-toxic silicone

• Patent pending technology | GB2593205 | PCT/GB2021/050676

Calmer have been independently tested by the ISVR at the University of Southampton.

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I got these for my son whose Autistic. He wears them at school and says they make an amazing difference. He doesn’t dread the larger group settings anymore. Thank you.

Kim Tompkins Calmer customer

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Maryanne Sham

These worked so well for my noise-sensitive 7-year-old. She was embarrassed to wear headphones so these were perfect. She recently wore them to a sibling's dance competition and she really enjoyed herself and could hear us but not be bothered by the volume. They are really great!

Tanisha Ahmed

I've bought calmer kids for my autistic daughter, it took a little while to her to get adjusted but definitely she seems calmer while using them, the only issue and the reason I give 3 stars is the earplug are so tiny and one of them kept coming out ( she lost it for 3 times) that create a big sense of anxiety on her stopping her from using them from the fear of losing them again. I'm going to buy the secure ones hoping the will overcome this issue apart that a very good quality product.

Really impressed

I purchased the calmer kids for my ADHD son who struggles in noisy environments. While wearing the calmer plugs he was amazed that he could actually separate conversations from background noise (eg; TV, etc) and he couldn't rate them enough.

I only wish there was a reasonably priced discreet attachment to avoid my son losing his ear buds.

Alice D.
Subtle help for my tween

It seems like such a simple, tiny little piece of silicone. It took forever to arrive from Germany, but we finally got the product and my tween is very happy having something to filter the loud noises of her classrooms at school. We bought the little holder and attached it to the zipper on her backpack so that she can access them easily when she's in class and feeling stressed out. She likes that they're low-key and hard to see, which means that if someone sees them and they ask, she is able to just say "they're earplugs because it's loud in here" and that seems to stop the conversation, which she appreciates. So according to her, they do work, and they're much easier to lug around than big, obtrusive headphones.

Good quality product

Great quality product, with good instructions. We purchased these for my daughter who suffers from chronic daily headaches and struggles with noise at school. Unfortunately they did not help her at all, however I feel this is due to her condition rather than the product itself.

Kelly Vine
Sceptical but amazed

I bought these for my daughter she has noise sensitivity. We have been working with her over the years to stop putting her fingers in her ears at every loud noise, but as we are travelling more this year I wanted a discrete solution to full on cans on her head in the Orlando parks. I saw these so many times on instagram when I decided to look in. I was slightly sceptical but the reviews were outstanding. Today we took the dive and went to a very noisy football match that we would have to can headphones or cans with us to help her with her noise sensitivity. We started wearing them early this morning so she could get used to them and to start with she said she didn’t like them, I told her to persevere and she did, about 20 mins later she forgot they were there. During the football there was only 1 occasion where she went to put here hands up to her ears but it wasn’t long. Even when our team scored she didn’t do it. I had to review them as they are honestly amazing. So discreet too. For reference she is 9 years old.

Technical Specification

Make spiky sounds smooth

TECHNOLOGYCalmer reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha.

CORE SIZE• Length: 9.1mm
• Width: 10.8mm

MATERIALS Soft-touch durable silicone

PACKAGINGCalmer Kids arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

INCLUDED WITH EVERY SET OF CALMER KIDSWith every pair of Calmer Kids you also receive a Flare carry pouch.

Calmer Kids is made from a non-toxic material and does not contain latex.

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879