Our Story

The very first Flare products came to life at our first Flare HQ – a garage in our founders garden. 

As a small team of three we designed and built our first loudspeakers and provided PA for gigs and festivals. We prepped the kit in the garden under makeshift gazebos and tried not to wake the neighbours when we tested our speakers into the early hours.

It wasn’t long before we ran out of space...

Our first warehouse was where things really began to change. We gained two new members to our team – Tom and Tristan (who came to us on work experience and never left) - and had an upgrade on space (but sadly not on facilities). No hot water and non-existent heating meant fingerless gloves were a necessity for a large portion of the year.

It was here where we came up with our first patents and began to focus on reducing resonance (distortion) in our sound producing devices.

Our two main developments were:

Space - An anti-resonance compression technology

Vortex – Pressure releasing exhaust technology (our very own ‘infinite baffle’).

We wanted to take a sidestep into the consumer audio world and were confident that our technologies could be miniaturised, so in 2015 we launched our first consumer earphone via a crowdfunding campaign.

It went really well and with a little help from our friends, producers Flood, Chris Kimsey and Gary Langan from Art of Noise we raised enough money to design our first ear protector. Isolate®. That’s when it went a bit crazy and we raised over £2 million via crowdfunding campaigns.


Since then we’ve launched our pro earphone range, our high end recycled loudspeakers (Flare Zero) which have recently been installed in the new Selfridges cinema and our two new offerings in the slightly more quirky world of in-ear hearing devices that enhance and improve our everyday sound: EarHD: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flareaudio/earhd-upgrade-your-ears-by-flare-audio and more recently Calmer: https://www.flareaudio.com/pages/calmer-life

We now ship to over 186 countries and have gone from a small renegade gang of three working from a garage in a back garden to a team of 20 in a warehouse.

We are aiming to develop new and advanced sound technologies that improve, protect and enhance our sonic experience.

Noise is Flare’s enemy and we are determined to understand distortion at a particle level. We want to minimise all types of distortion from all audio designs, believing that the less distortion the better the connection to the music and the audio world we live in.



Flare’s mission is to develop new and advanced sound technologies that improve, protect and enhance our sonic experience. 

We are on a mission to perfect loudspeakers, earphones, headphones, earplugs and every other type of sound producing, enhancing or protecting device for our ears.

At Flare traditional approaches and theories are being replaced by simple and effective technologies that deliver precise, game changing sonic experiences.


 Some of our friends...