Our Story


Founded in 2010 by British inventor Davies Roberts, we spent our formative years as a pro audio manufacturer and hire company re-inventing the loudspeaker, drawing praise from music industry luminaries including Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Jarvis Cocker, Richard Hawley and producer ‘Flood’ in the process.

Confident that our technologies could be miniaturised, in 2015 we launched our first consumer earphone via a crowdfunding campaign. The success of the campaign propelled us forward and soon after came our Isolate® ear protector raising over £2 million via crowdfunding campaigns.  We now have an armoury of audio products that have won commendations from highly respected audio professionals and artists: Tony Visconti (Grammy Award winning producer, David Bowie, T-Rex), Julian Lennon, James Rhodes (classical pianist), Fran Healy (Travis)...  

We now ship our ear protectors and earphones to over 183 countries and have gone from a small team of three working from a garage in a back garden to a company of 26 working from Flare HQ on the south coast.



Flare’s mission is to develop new and advanced sound technologies that improve, protect and enhance our sonic experience. Noise is Flare’s enemy and we are determined to understand distortion at a particle level. We want to minimise all types of distortion from all audio designs, believing that the less distortion the better the connection to the music and the audio world we live in.

We are on a mission to perfect loudspeakers, earphones, headphones, earplugs and every other type of sound producing, enhancing or protecting device for our ears.

At Flare traditional approaches and theories are being replaced by simple and effective technologies that deliver precise, game changing sonic experiences.