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The Flare capsule is made from aluminium and comes in your choice of two colours, silver or black. The splash proof capsule also comes with a keychain so you can keep it with you when you're on the move. Perfect for keeping your Flare earplugs s...
Isolate® Lanyard
The ISOLATE® lanyard is designed to fit over the finger grips of ISOLATE® and ISOLATE® MiNi. Perfect for keeping your earplugs with you at all times, without worrying about losing them. Lanyard is 60cm from end to end. Please note: ISOLATE® and ...
Hard Case
Flares hard case has a tough outer shell with a double mesh pouch inside. Great for all your Flare accessories.
Carry Pouch
Mesh carry pouch for Isolate and Isolate MiNi. Great for your earplugs and your spare EARFOAMS®.
Flare® Large Hard Case
Large Flare hard case with a mesh pocket and elastic strap with a tough outer shell. Great for all your Flare earphones and earplugs.