ISOLATE® 2; a brand new range of very different ear protection.

Today’s world constantly bombards us with unwanted noise.
Traffic sirens, building works, office chatter, travel announcements and standing a little too close to the speakers at concerts, are all sounds that stress our minds and damage our hearing.

With increasing cases of tinnitus and rising awareness in the importance of calming the mind, award-winning sonic innovator Flare Audio has launched a new revitalised and redesigned version of its ground-breaking Isolate ear protectors. Made from solid billets of aerospace aluminium or titanium and fitted with comfortable foam tips, Isolate 2 don’t just look great; they actually deliver on a unique range of features that enable you to ‘turn down’ external noise and protect your hearing - without reduction in clarity. 

The new version, officially launched this March, features six new aluminium colours and two titanium variants as well as a brand new ergonomic shape that makes for an easy, comfortable fit. 

Isolate® 2 effectively reduce noise levels, but still allow wearers to hear details in sound through bone conduction. This eliminates the muffling associated with many standard plugs, making them perfect for still enjoying musical detail, clear conversation, and maintaining awareness / safety at work, during travel, or for motorsports.

Flare’s 2020 upgrade also comes with the added benefit of newly designed memory foam tips, with a domed top for superior fit and improved longevity.  As with its predecessor, Isolate 2 work by using aluminium or titanium to block noise like never before. Additional accessories available include a lanyard (RRP £3.99) and splash-proof capsule with key chain (RRP £4.99), to keep the ear protectors handy and secure. All are available to buy via Amazon or the Flare Audio website.

So if you want to concentrate in your open plan office, turn down external chatter on the tube, or protect your ears from loud music, Isolate 2 will do the job.



Body width 12mm (at widest point). Body length: 18.4mm. Weight: 1.43g

Aerospace aluminium anodised for a Natural Silver or coloured finish.
Super-soft memory-foam Earfoams®

Isolate comes with four sets of memory-foam Earfoams in the following sizes:
Extra Small | Small | Medium | Large

With every Isolate, you also receive four sets of Earfoams and a Flare mesh carry pouch.

Mesh carry pouch.
Replaceable Earfoams: 4 Pairs in XS, S, M, L.
For more information on the longevity of the Earfoams please see our FAQs.

Made in England and CE certified to BS EN 352-2-2002 - SNR32, for an improved audio experience.