Customers who’ve experienced Flare’s Calmer® range of earbuds to reduce stressful sounds, universally love the relief the product has brought them.

But, while the earbuds fit snugly, some people want that added reassurance that their Calmer will stay securely with them wherever they go.  

To give their customers peace of mind Flare has applied its traditional ‘outside the box’ ingenuity and crafted a super-lightweight, silicone lanyard to catch slipping buds, which they’ve called Calmer Secure.

The soft string joins up the Calmers, holding them in ears without pulling them out. It’s as light as air so you don’t notice when you’re wearing it, but makes putting in and removing Calmer a breeze. Now, if you drop one, it’s super easy to find on the end of the lanyard. 

Calmer Secure is also a great option for children to help keep their Calmer Kids safe. 

For maximum protection, store Calmer in a Flare Capsule when not wearing.