Meet Rodrigo

Rodrigo standing in a hallway
We got in touch with Rodrigo when we saw some of his social media posts about our products – we loved his artwork and were keen to find out more about him.
We had a lovely zoom call with Rodrigo and asked him to tell us a bit about himself, his world and things that impact it.

A Bit of Background

Rodrigo is a professional photographer from Mexico City whose beautiful work is inspired by colour and form. He studied for his Masters in photography in Paris and two of his favourite photographers are Sebastião Salgado and Rineke Dijkstra.
In his spare time he enjoys creating album artwork - often for his friends who are in bands, playing musical instruments and he loves listening to music. When it comes to photography Rodrigo says that ‘light is his thing’ and he finds he has the ability to be hyper focussed on it and is able to give it all of his attention.
Rodrigo taking a photo and flatshot

Rodrigo's World

Rodrigo grew up in a quiet part of Mexico and moved to Mexico City around 6 years ago where he lives in an apartment close to the city centre. He enjoys good quality sound and loves listening to music through his surround sound speakers, often having them on as a way of minimising distracting background sounds. He finds some sounds and noises stressful, particularly the sound of people eating and busy street noises.
He’s always been aware of having heightened senses and is particularly sensitive to sound and smell. It can be difficult to convey this to friends and family and is aware that some people might think he’s being difficult or awkward when some social situations cause stress. Especially when often the only way to deal with stressful sounds is to remove yourself from them. He finds he prefers eating alone because of the stress that eating noises can cause and prefers not going to parties. Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand this and they can view it as unsociable – which is often a challenge for neurodiverse people.
It was after he spoke to a therapist that he first realised he might be neurodiverse and has since had an official diagnosis. The diagnosis brought mixed feelings and lots of questions, especially when reflecting on his childhood and growing up. At times he had felt forced to change in order to fit in - but now realises that some things can’t change and these things shouldn’t be apologised for.

Using Calmer

Rodrigo uses Calmer Night and Calmer Pro and finds them really helpful in situations where background noises are distracting. This is often the case when he has photo shoots in warehouses. Rodrigo tends to have music on and finds that it helps to cut out noises that would otherwise annoy or frustrate him.

Using earHD

Rodrigo enjoys going to gigs and uses earHD as they help him to focus on the sound that he wants to hear whilst reducing annoying background noise. His favourite bands and artists include Tony Allen, Michael Kiwanuka, Elbow and Wilco.
He has a great phrase: “Calmer helps you to suffer less. EarHD helps you enjoy more.”
We’re so pleased to hear this Rodrigo and it was lovely to meet you and find out more about you and your creative world!
Rodrigo taking a photograph standing behind a camera

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