Calmer® PRO

Our most advanced Calmer in the range.

Worn in the ear to minimise stressful sounds and focus on the important ones.


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Reduces noise related stress & sensory overwhelm - without isolating you from sounds you want to hear.

Very helpful for those with: sensitive hearing, hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, misophonia, noise related stress & other hearing conditions.

Perfect for…

• Parenting • Travelling • Working • Studying • Focussing

Anywhere you'd like a calmer environment.

What does Calmer Pro do?

• A clever gadget that reduces
stressful frequencies without muffling sound.

• Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer.

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Premium model in the Calmer Range - What's the difference?

• Comfortable soft-touch silicone. Washable & reusable.

• Soft silicone outer with precise aluminium core

• Tested by the ISVR: University of Southampton. (Read more)

• Patent pending technology: GB2593205 | PCT/GB2021/05076

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Customer Reviews

Based on 110 reviews
They take the edge off

You can still hear everything, but the edge is taken off sounds that would otherwise be hard to handle. I don't find them entirely comfortable, but they are comfortable enough. People do notice you're using earplugs, which can sometimes be annoying, but can also be an opportunity to explain what it's like to be more sensitive to sound than let's say, normal people.

Noticeably Reduces Anxiety

I honestly don’t get how these are so effective, but they are. I can still hear all the noises that make me anxious, but I don’t feel anxious when I hear them with these in. Insane! Would highly recommend for fellow autists 🤘🏻

Duncan Bell
I like em a lot

I’ve actually been recommending these to those I support within mental health because of the feedback and recommendations I’d received. I’d intended to try them for myself as I’m neuro diverse and have always experienced auditory issue from childhood. As an adult I manage many of my traits, however continue to find some background sounds to promote stress and distract. I’m pleased to say these calmer do reduce what I can only describe as interference, but not the more prominent sounds such as people eating lol. I laugh, and it’s not that others eat or chew loudly, but the sound is triggering. Great quality, comfortable and a reduction in unwanted sound is welcomed.

Emily Tysoe
Life saver!

I have sensory processing disorder and work in a nursery. I regularly look after 16 two year olds and 8 babies. It gets very loud and sometimes overwhelming and I need to take a break. This has helped massively!!

1st product I tried

After doing some research into flare and their products after leaning about them from others with sensory struggles I decided to give them a go, ans glad I did. These quieten the excess loud and annoying noises from life but I still hear everything I need to clearly still. Keen to try something that blocks out even more noise so I've just ordered the Calmer Night flares too!

William Cooper
Life Changing

I have autism and epilepsy, noise can lead to sensory overload and in extreme situations a seizure.

Calmer Pro makes such a huge difference to my daily life. Also they're comfy and barely noticeable!

I wore mine all afternoon when I was out in the noisy High Street and in the evening at dinner then watching tv! They are Superb!

Chris Kimsey Producer | The Rolling Stones, Inxs, Duran Duran

Hearing Sensitivities

Since launching Calmer we've heard how much they've been helping autistic people with managing noise sensitivities. Read our blogs from people who got in touch with us to let us know how helpful they’d found them.

Read now

Technical Specification

TECHNOLOGYCalmer PRO reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny aluminium waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha.

Exterior• Length: 11.7mm
• Width: 12.6mm

MATERIALS • Soft-touch durable silicone• Precision milled aluminium

PACKAGINGCalmer arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

Included with Calmer Pro• 1x pair of Calmer Pro• Flare carry pouch• User guide

Calmer Pro does not contain latex

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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