we are sound

By Anna Wolf

May 10th, 2024


Anna Wolf is a multifaceted artist, hailing from South Africa and now residing in London. She's primarily recognised for her contributions to the alternative music scene as a singer and songwriter. Described as enigmatic and formidable by numerous media sources, Anna Wolf has carved out a unique identity within the industry.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Anna Wolf has ventured into acting, showcasing her talents in the feature film "Forever Young," where she starred alongside acclaimed actors Bernard Hill and Diana Quick. Beyond her performances, Anna Wolf has also made a mark as an author with the successful release of her poetry book titled "Medicine".

Delve into the audio world of Anna Wolf...


In physics, sound is vibration that spreads as an acoustic wave through the air.

As much as this is a fact, I can't help but also be aware of all the other descriptions of what the word sound refers to and how the different mediums are experienced and explored. Exploring both the physic and psychic side to the concept of sound is a fascinating conversation to me.

As we know sound has many different meanings, yet I believe that it’s all very much the same thing. 

Starting with animals that don't experience sound like humans do, and human beings that are hearing, translate sounds in a completely different way to a person who is hearing impaired. In the spiritual realm of conversations, sound imitates what one needs to know, or chooses to know, in the specific time and place. Then there is the concept of being spiritually sound. Becoming one with God, the universe, love, or oneself. Then there is being sound of mind, the ability to be rational in thought and decision-making. Which ties in to how one perceives the world. 

Knowing life's answers from a place of fear without recognising the fear can also be described as being stuck in your own song. A song that you might have been composing for many years, a song so quiet or loud that you become one with it, you become your melodies, eventually, you are your melodies, becoming one with the metronome.

Being a writer, it's important for me to gain distance from the writing process. Asking myself where am I composing this sound from? Is it fear or is it asking a different question which will, in essence, expose more light onto the topic that one might be grappling with. Intention is everything. 


The most powerful medium for me has been the vibrations and frequencies of music. The parallel between what genres and lyrics I was listening to as a kid, knowing what I was going through at the time makes so much sense to me now. The need I had for escape, the need to know that there was, in fact, an end to a screaming volatile household. Luckily in my case, one sound, the sound I chose was more powerful, enough to override another. It begs the question, what music are we replaying in our minds? What sound are we most attracted to?

As I have continued navigating life, I am constantly listening and waiting for a sound beyond myself. I have a feeling though that I don't have to go searching very far…

"Good headphones are very much needed, in ears that make the bass of my favourite song tingle the cells under my skin or whilst walking my dog (Wolf) in a rainy forest - good sound has the ability to transport me into my own music video."

To go beyond this though, beyond the tangible, one needs to become the sound in the silence, the sound in between the notes. And as deep and whoo-hoo as that statement sounds I think there is an easier answer for it and it lies within you - within us. Taking it day by day, asking for guidance from books, podcasts, people like you and I who are on the same journey of becoming more and more self-aware. 

After all, the world is continuing to turn on its ever changing axel and we are moving with it. We started moving with it from the beginning and there is no stopping now. We have to see it all the way to the end. 

By advancing technology in the audio world, we are honouring the knowledge that we are in fact sound, moving components. With each step we are emanating a sound, stepping into our future selves. 

Aligning ourselves with better, more advanced sound we are essentially recognising this as truth.

We are both the music and the conductor.

We Are Sound.

Anna Wolf's work can be streamed on all streaming platforms. 

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