Sleeep® Dual

Sleeep Dual combines two super-soft memory foam ball tips with a slim durable stem resulting in an earplug that moulds neatly and effectively to the inner and outer shape of your ear.

-32 dB average attenuation

Sleeep should not be used as an ear protector

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What does Sleeep Dual do?

A miniscule earplug that’s designed with ground-breaking technology for a fuss free solution to a peaceful night's sleep.

Perfect for…

• Reducing noises such as snoring, traffic, noisy neighbours and building works, shift workers, side sleeping


• Comfortable, secure and easy to remove

• Replaceable super soft memory foam tips with unique spherical design to fit all ear sizes

• Durable core for easy fitment

Clear Dual | Curved design to fit all ears • Transparent finish for a discreet look • Dual tips for extra comfort

Aluminium Dual | Precision turned from aerospace aluminium • Dual tips for extra comfort

What's included

All earplugs supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging

Clear Dual

• One pair of Sleeep Clear Dual

• One set of Standard size Earfoams®

Aluminium Dual

• One pair of Sleeep Dual Aluminium

• One set of Standard and Large size replacement tips

• Flare® carry pouch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Comfort for the soul!

The Flare Audio Sleep Dual are the most comfortable earplugs I have ever bought. They fit so snug into the inner and outer ear with none of the scuffing across the pillows that I used to gain from being a side sleeper using cheaper earplugs on the market. They lock out sound very well including the building site currently going on next door and my partners snoring. I'll be trying them out at music festivals this summer yet am confident they'll be just what I need to grab a few hours sleep each night!

Dana Hirsch
Dual clear - good

Of the three Flare earplugs I purchased, these were the best. When inserted they block noise well and I don't feel them there (side sleeper). However, they tend to ease out of my ears during the night (green tips), this means I have to play with them whenever I wake up in the night. I've also tried a larger size (red tip) earphoams but they are too big and make my ears ache rendering me unable to fal asleep.

Lydia Mannings
Perfect for what I needed them for

These earplugs are perfect for blocking out noise from the room next to mine + beyond. It won't block noise in a very close proximity to you, but it will block those annoying further out noises. Think people talking in other rooms in the house, trains, highway sounds. Comfortable, secure, does wonders for my sanity.

Lewe Beal
Little buddies

My only criticism is that the standard bud is a little too large despite squeezing to shape. Will see if they do a smaller size. Apart from that they block out most sounds

Elena Joss
Very comfortable

These are great! I'm very sensitive and a light sleeper. We got a French Bulldog and she snores like a chainsaw. I wa finally able to get some sleep!

Gary Sze
Happy with the product and service

My first pair of Sleep Dual Aluminium were lost in the mail. They sent me another pair and they arrived after some delay. So they provide good service. Last night I got to try them out and I like them. As a side sleeper I kind of worried that they might not be comfortable but no worry, they sit really comfortable on my ears pressing against the pillow. And they do help cut out a lot of the noise outside. I am looking forward to some good nights sleep!

Double down with Sleeep Dual

Sleeep Dual combines twin super-soft memory foam tips with a slim durable stem resulting in an earplug that moulds neatly and effectively to the shape of your ear canal. Choose between crystal clear acrylic or precision milled aluminium. Supplied with replaceable tips, Sleeep Dual are designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes. The foam tips have an extra-long rebound time to make sure you get the best seal and supreme noise reduction.

“I’ve always struggled with sleep as I’m such a light sleeper, so sensitive to any noise. I’ve tried so many different earplugs over the years and will never have to look again now I’ve found Flare Sleeep. When they’re in, I feel like I’m in a snug, isolated sound booth. Rather than outside noises being muffled or sounding weird, like with other earplugs, the sounds just aren’t there. I honestly wouldn’t have thought it possible that I could feel like I was in a different house from my snoring partner, but I can.”

Isy Suttie | Comedian, actress and writer

Technical Specification

Super-soft memory foam dual tips with a slim durable stem. Made from aluminium or acetal.

TECHNOLOGYSleeep Dual uses a combination of double memory foam tips and a durable aluminium or acetal core to maximise noise reduction during sleep. The Dual models include a memory foam tip on each end for maximum comfort as well as high attenuation.

CORE SIZEStem diameter | 2.5mmAluminiumBody diameter | 4mm
Weight | 2.17g
ClearBody diameter | 3mm-4mm
Weight | 1.5g

Aluminium• Aerospace aluminium
• Dual tips (super-soft memory foam)
Clear• Transparent polycarbonate
• Dual tips (super-soft memory foam)

WHAT’S INCLUDED• One pair of Sleeep earplugs
• Replaceable memory foam tips
AluminiumAlso includes a Flare® carry pouch

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Design Registration6112850 | 6112851 | 6112852 | DM/215196

Earfoams do not contain latex

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