To celebrate World Sleep Day and National Bed Month, Flare Audio is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with sleep expert and mind coach, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier.

When it comes to our health and wellbeing, sleep really matters.  We spend around one third of our lives asleep and while you might think it’s just about ‘shutting down’, in fact many important processes go on while we sleep, essential to body and mind.  

As one of the UK’s most sought-after sleep experts, Natalie, is a working clinical sleep therapist with over a decade of experience helping people. She uses an evidence-based, mindfulness approach to the power of sleep for mental wellbeing and peak performance. 

A fan and user of Flare’s Calmer earbuds and Sleeep earplugs, Natalie has partnered with Flare as the company’s Sleep Expert, to provide our community with tips and information about sleep and mental health.

She will also provide specialist advice for the neurodiverse community; Natalie’s own family is neurodiverse and she has lots to share.

Natalie will be sharing sleep health insight through blogs, audio sleep health tracks and quarterly online Q&A sleep health clinics via Flare’s website, social media channels and newsletter.

Natalie explains: “I’m very proud to partner with Flare. I’m a massive fan of their sensory sleep aids; both my children and I use them and they really work. I’m passionate about improving the sleep health of all Flare’s communities, especially our brilliant neurodiverse ones. This partnership is a unique way to help shine a light on sleep health and meet the sleep challenges so often faced in this noisy, chaotic and unpredictable world.”

Flare Co-Founder & COO, Naomi Roberts, confirms: “At Flare we’re passionate about using the power of sound technology to help improve people’s lives. As developers of products that support better sleep and reduce stress, we’re keen to learn more about the power of sleep and how to improve it from Natalie, and for our community to benefit from her expertise and advice.”

Regular lack of sleep can affect us in many ways, some surprising.  For example, it’s thought it can affect how the body processes glucose, which increases the chance of developing diabetes.  It has been linked to obesity, affects hormones and may even increase our risk of cognitive decline and dementia and of course, it makes us grumpy, less able to make good decisions and more likely to have accidents, especially when driving.

Natalie believes that learning how to optimise your sleep and protect sleep health and mental well-being are the most useful skills any of us could possibly develop.  

We can’t wait for her first blog for us this Spring.

From Team GB athletes to businesses and neurodiverse families and teens, Natalie is on a mission to improve the nation’s sleep. Her work is trusted by some of the UK’s favourite sleep brands, including Royal Warrant Hypnos Beds and she is also Premier Inn’s resident sleep expert. Natalie has a book all about sleep coming out in 2024, published by Penguin Publishing. 

More information about Natalie Pennicotte-Collier  

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