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Hear beyond your ears with the E-Prototype featuring Mirror Image Sound™ Technology. All E-PROTOTYPE earphones are designed, manufactured and assembled by hand at Flare HQ in Sussex, UK.

"For me......the best I've heard"

David Arnold | Composer

“Simply incredible. I think it’s the clarity that so stuns me, clarity without any hint of the coldness and loss of warmth that is the usual trade-off in achieving that level of precision… clarity + depth = joy.”

Stephen Fry | Actor, Author, Broadcaster


Hear beyond your ears with Mirror Image Sound™ Technology: Our latest technology changes the internal shape of our ears so sound quality heard by all users is drastically increased. Our natural internal shell-like ear shape distorts sound by as much as 20% which means that all traditional earphones and headphones have failed to deliver true high definition sound to the listener.

Mirror Image Sound™ is a ground breaking patent-pending technology that overcomes this hidden issue inside all our ears. The result is levels of sound quality that's never been heard before along with previously hidden layers of detail.



• Listening to music

• Mixing and engineering

• Mastering

• Recording

• Making and receiving phone calls

• Travelling

• Commuting



• Mirror Image Sound™ Technology

• Advanced 3D printed design

• Mic and control

• 10mm driver

• Tough and durable

• Stress tested cable

• Gold plated connectors

What's included

• Three sizes (S, M, L) of replaceable silicone tips

• Flare hard case

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For me......the best I've heard

David Arnold Composer

Simply incredible. I think it’s the clarity that so stuns me, clarity without any hint of the coldness and loss of warmth that is the usual trade-off in achieving that level of precision… clarity + depth = joy.

Stephen Fry Actor, Author, Broadcaster

I cannot take these off! I am hypnotised by the sound coming from the E-Prototype. They have such a wide stereo image, much deeper bass and more depth of sound than I’ve heard before. They are light as a feather and sit perfectly - they float in my ears!

Chris Kimsey Producer | Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Yes

Having had a little time to experiment with Flare Audio’s new E-Prototype earphones I can only say that this is the closest I’ve come to hearing the pure transmission of the artists’s intention without any distortion or additional colouring, qualities or characteristics. The earphones are based on a ground-breaking design developed through original conceptualization and research and I predict that USQ will set a new standard in sound across the audio production chain.

Dr Sadia Sadia MSc FRSA Installation artist

I've been looking for earbuds like this ever since they were invented.Flare has always made great audio drivers, but the new system of delivery to your eardrums is a big game changer. Fidelity and imaging are the best I've ever heard.

Tony Visconti Producer | David Bowie, T-Rex, Sparks, Iggy Pop

I have been a big fan of ‘Calmer’ and the ‘Noise-reduction Pods’ over the past two years, but for 50 years rarely used Headphones or Pods. I just never got on with them that well and never found any that were really comfortable or accurate. The Flare Audio E-Protype Pods have changed all that. The fit is perfect, the sound excellent (so real, with a beautiful Bass-end) and the stereo imaging is astounding. For me it’s like hearing the music as it was in the studio. Beautiful.

Phill Brown Sound Engineer | Talk Talk, Bob Marley, Faithless

These buds are unbelievable. So light and comfortable you kind of forget you’re wearing them except for the wonderfully full sound in your ears. Thanks Flare. A triumph.

Mark Radcliffe Broadcaster, Musician, Author

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Thomas A
Very interesting sound

The sound on these feels as open as anything you'll get with a pair of over-ears. I've put some proper memory foam tips on, and the isolation I get from that plus the expanded stereo width is great for listening to stuff on the go.


Ordered today and within 24 hours item was shipped! Very recommended!

Game changing technology and sound at this price point.

As an owner of the previous top of the line Flare PRO 2HD earphones I was looking forward to its upgrade. However instead Flare launched the cheaper E Prototype which I purchased soon after it launched in November 2021. I was expecting them to be better than the PRO 2HD (this is Flare after all), however I was surprised by the margin of improvement.

Thanks no doubt to the USQ technology the earphones really delivered on the sound quality and took it to a new level for me. There was more detail and depth. I could make out the vocals and positions much more clearly. To me the sound is neutral, covering the full range of frequency, including a convincing bass, with no noticeable distortion.

I cannot describe what a revelatory experience it was to use the E Prototype for the first time. I listened for hours to some of my favourite albums just to discover what detail I was missing, reexperiencing and enjoying them all over again. Even now, after 9 months of use I am still discovering new details in old albums that I am reacquainting with. And because of the huge improved sound quality I now mostly listen with the E Prototype connected directly to my Samsung S20 Plus phone instead of via my Chord Mojo DAC for convenience.

In addition, I found the earphones were very comfortable to wear over long periods. The polymer plastic was warm on the skin and the light weight meant I was hardly aware of them.

Unlike the PRO 2HD, the E Prototype has a microphone so I was able to connect directly to my mobile phone and laptop to make calls, which I found very useful.

I have owned the E Prototype for 9 months and am very glad that I purchased them soon after their launch and has given me great joy to listen to my music all over again on the go and even in bed. I can confidently say the E Prototype is a game changer in terms of sound technology and quality and would recommend it to anyone looking for an earphone at this price bracket.

Earphones: Shure SE425, Flare PRO, Flare PRO 2HD.
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
DAC: Chord Mojo
Streaming: Tidal, Spotify
Music genre: Rock, Synth, Folk, Jazz, Progressive, Soul, Reggae, new music.

Amazing customer service!

I ordered E-PROTOTYPE earphones, they are great.
Customer service helped me with delivery because the first delivery failed, so they sent it again and I received the product with no issues.


First impressions - I have tested these so far with a Chord Hugo 2 and a number of FLAC files of different genres (vocal/acoustic, rock, electronic/dance, hip hop
I'm also going to make an effort to write this without reading the other reviews

- The clarity of the sound really stands out - they're not ultra-detailed but they are very spacious and clear. The instruments feel distinct and natural and it's easy to locate them in 3d space
- The fact that they are not overly detailed makes the sound quite relaxing, I don't think you'd find them exhausting over long periods
- They are 'entertaining' to listen to (as opposed to clinical)
- Coming from other in-ears the bass initially appear strong but these are not bass-heavy headphones: there's nothing there that's not in the recording and incredibly you even get a bit of slam where it's present.

- The fit initially feels a bit unusual but once they're in they're secure and comfortable, especially with the 'audiophile' (foam) tips. I can shake my head and they are not going anywhere
- The cables are nice and don't snag and contribute very little noise when moving around
- The sound is ducted through a completely unrestricted wide open hole, so nothing to stop things getting in but by the same token, should be easy to clean
- Although the 'unboxing experience' is nothing special, all materials feel of good quality and well put together - I'd rather my £ went towards this honestly than a flash box. The carry case is completely adequate and has space for some spare tips/accessories.

A distinct step-up in audio quality!

Lovely presentation of the e-prototypes! Proudly made in Sussex, England. The black case is smart, compact and zipped, with the Flare branding debossed on both sides. The three supplied sets of silicone tips make for an easy fit. However, the 3D printing process left a tiny flash bump on one earphone's lip, making getting the silicone tip over it incredibly challenging as I did not wish to tear the delicate silicone collar. Once on, both tips stayed put and never fell off!

I appreciated that the earphones were lightweight, with their almost green bio-polymer-resin credentials. They were very comfortable for hours at a time, as if not even there! If shortened by a mere 1-2mm they would be a perfect fit for my ear shape. The sound was incredibly clear and precise to my ears, a distinct step-up in audio quality vs all my other single dynamic driver earphones. They coped admirably with a diverse array of music and gaming tracks. I’m no audiophile, but the sound felt very natural and comfortable to my ears, with superbly deep lows and punchy mid frequency reproduction. As expected for this price bracket, the highs were not quite on par with multi-BA nor electrostatic drivers, but no harsh sibilance was a win for me. The e-prototypes have a distinct soundstage, not too expansive thankfully, and instruments felt pleasingly separated. Due to the high clarity sound, I’m sure I could hear elements in familiar tracks that I had never heard before on lesser earphones! You need to listen to the timbre yourself for it to be believed. IMO these earphones are amazingly well tuned by the Flare engineers that designed these gems. I read all the professional reviews on this website and it is obvious why the e-prototypes are so highly praised.

The cable is lightweight and of a minimal diameter. However, it is highly springy and unfortunately has memory. After 90 days use I still cannot get it to hang straight. Furthermore, it is coated with a textured, almost tacky, rubber or plastic that grips to everything and also collects lint and hair. I presume the idea was to minimise cable microphonics against your clothing. Hopefully the Flare e-prototype MkII will be upgraded with a much better cable attached to the superb earphones, or at least allow for detachable cables. The in-line mic is wasted upon me as I listen to music and games rather than take calls, and it affects the hang. I would still prefer an over-ear hooked cable style as with many IEMs, even accepting that these earphones must hang correctly downwards for their USQ. A balanced cable output will be its pinnacle I expect. Option of a 2.5mm balanced jack would be useful to me. I’m looking forward to the MkII already!

A Quote From The Inventor...

“When we formed Flare our goal was to create technology that produces mirror image sound, so that everyone has the
same experience that the artist had when they created the original art. We have reached that goal with Mirror Image Sound™ technology,” says Davies. “What I did not expect to achieve however, is to take the listening experience beyond the recording studio. Everyone has natural ear distortions which means that nobody; including the artists in the original recording studio, has ever heard this level of sound detail before, and that to me is truly exciting. Once heard, Mirror Image Sound™  has the prospect to become the creating and listening standard of music worldwide.”

Davies Roberts | CEO and Inventor

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HeadfonicsHeadfoniaHiFi PigAir MailElectronic Sound (Issue 85)

“I’ve been testing out these Flare Audio E-Prototype earphones for a few months now, I’m not somebody who throws cheap praise around just to get a free pair, but without doubt they are the best I’ve ever used.

The stereo imaging is the best I’ve heard and above all accurate and no distortion in the ear. 

Also on an everyday level when I’m out and about listening to tunes, for me - they deliver power, clarity and bass just better than anything else I’ve heard… 

And that is that!

Liam Howlett - The Prodigy

Technical Specification

Designed with Mirror Image Sound™ technology to minimise distortion in the ear.

TECHNOLOGYE-Prototype includes Mirror Image Sound™ technology to minimise the distortion created by our ears. Mirror Image Sound™ technology enables sound to accurately travel through the earphone and into our ears without being effected by our ear shape.

CONNECTOR3.5mm gold plated jack


MICROPHONEPhone call and music control

MATERIAL3D printed resin with the latest laser printer technologyBiocompatible and skin-safe


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