Flare is driven by solving known issues in audio and creating revolutionary products that improve everyone’s experience of sound.

  • • Revolutionary Patent Pending Technologies
  • • Superior sound quality
  • • Compact size with high power to size ratio
  • • Optimal delivery of high definition sound and power
Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio

TURN IT UP 11...

This is where our revolution in sound technology began back in 2010. Our speakers exclusively use Space™ technology. This makes the loudspeaker enclosure sonically invisible. Our speakers don’t struggle to control resonance like so many others, because they don’t produce it in the first place… Simple really.

Welcome to the first true leap forward in speaker technology in the last 90 years. Our sound technology delivers an immediacy of sound, with a clarity and purity that will open your ears to a new way of listening.

Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio


Our speakers deliver the same breathtaking listening experience to any audience, whether it’s with thousands of others at a concert, a handful sound engineers and artists in a recording studio or just your good self at home.

It’s our passion for perfection that drives us… No compromise… No half measures… No comparison.

Flare Audio Ltd - Pro Audio

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