These are the best earphones ever! I mix on these! The detail, the clarity and low end are 'pinch me am I dreaming?' great.

Tony Visconti, Grammy award-winning producer (David Bowie, T-Rex, Iggy Pop)

I didn't think the sound could be improved from my first set of Flares R2 earphones but with the Flares Pro I have to assume there has been some deal with the devil for they sound even better. Cleaner, rounder, more transparent and the low end is more defined than before. Nothing I have used comes close.

Fran Healy, Travis and BNQT

They’re better than headphones costing three times the price. I can hear every detail, every nuance, everything the composer wanted me to hear. And then even more. Stunning in every way. It’s like rediscovering music

James Rhodes, Classical Pianist

Just when you thought you’d had enough with so many fidgety in ear & ill-fitting headphones, along comes the genius of FLARE…

Finally an in-ear Headphone, that is beyond comfortable & has the clearest, deepest & most natural sounding quality, I’ve heard in years.

Highly recommended for not only listening to your favourite anthems, but for listening to your own musical projects as well, and great for mixing too! 

There’s no going back, only forwards, with FLARE…

Julian Lennon

I loved the R2 earphones but these are several steps beyond them. The low end and especially the high end are both much clearer. The overwhelming impression I get when listening is of space. I'm always suspicious of airy hi-fi terms like that,  but these really do give a great sense of the room or space which was used for recording. I'm really surprised by them and can't recommend them enough.

J. Willgoose, Esq. Public Service Broadcasting

These earphones are absolute game changers - I simply can't live without them!

Gary Langan, Art of Noise, producer (Spandau Ballet) and engineer (Queen, Yes)

Before Flares, there was noise... now there is sound.

Chris Kimsey, producer (The Rolling Stones, INXS, Duran Duran)

My Flares Golds have arrived to my sweet delight. I’m not getting anything to endorse them, but they are phenomenal earphones if you love a perfect sound.

Derren Brown Illusionist

My Flares are THE most sonically responsive in ears I have ever heard. I mix on them with confidence and have never been disappointed... Simply the best sounding in ear on the market.

Huey Morgan, Fun Lovin' Criminals

Flare have managed to improve the already sublime R2s with the incredible FLS-Pros. Astounding, effortless clarity and superb pin-point imaging. No artificial frequency push or compression just a smooth, natural sound across the spectrum. I don’t want to stop listening.!

Danton Supple, producer (Coldplay, Morrissey, Starsailor)

The devil, as they say, is in the detail, and the detail in the new Flare Audio earphone is amazing. I’ve never been a fan of Bluetooth but I’m definitely a convert now

Richard Hawley Singer-Songwriter, Producer

Hearing music on FLARES® is like being in the studio. It’s a natural, big, live sound that really makes listening to music a whole new experience

Nick O’Malley Arctic Monkeys: Bass player

I have never come across earphones like this and I’ve had far too many. They are perfect. The wor ld around me becomes Music with them. The Pro Bluetooth do what they are supposed to do. I insist you get them. Get them

Jason Williamson: Sleaford Mods

They are GREAT! Fantastic design and beautiful tone.

Dan Gillespie Sells, The Feeling, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

I am privileged to listen to a lot of music in my job, normally in preparation for doing an interview with a band or artist and my Flare headphones give me such a crystal clear experience it’s like the band are playing live in my head, and yes, that is sometimes scary!

Dave Berry, Absolute Radio

In a sonic climate of transient impact, frequency hype & volume wars, my ears had been suffering from ‘foreground fatigue’. 
Davies Robert’s Flares terrific design has remedied this and has restored my joy of listening into the music.

Jon Carin, Grammy award-winning musician / producer. Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Kate Bush, The Who, Pete Townshend, Bryan Ferry


If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will bring your music to life, the Flare Pros are a fantastic choice. They deliver excellent bass and are tuned perfectly with super clear mids and highs that will tickle your ears with joy and with some recordings bring you right into the performance.

Magnetic Magazine

The new Flare Audio Pro is, without question, a great value product. The IEM by itself is a steal for that price, but you are also getting an awesome box, detachable cable and easily the best Bluetooth adapter (The W-DAC) that I’ve ever played with.


I wasn’t sceptical per se, but I hadn’t expected Flare Audio to surpass my expectations. From the moment I popped its top, Flares Pro blew my mind. It fits, sounds, and works, excellently. It gets great range, nails the neutral-but-laid-back signature, and is full of quality accessories that embarrass the competition. If you think your wireless earphones are good, just you wait.


I’m writing this paragraph after having done my official review period with the Flare Pros, but I have continued to listen to them with a wide range of material in the time since. They are nothing short of a revelation on the IEM front. 
…you’ll gather I’m a fan, though I really wasn’t expecting to be. These are a very, very capable in ear monitor, and it is that word monitor that is all important. They are accurate, as uncoloured as you could wish for and make really, really beautiful music whatever the style of music.
A classy offering in a great package that for the money screams BUY ME!
I have absolutely no hesitation in awarding the Flare Pros our Outstanding Product Award.

Hifi Pig

Flares JET Testimonials

Last week, I recommended Gail's hot cross buns. In a similar burst of enthusiasm, I can tell you these £49 headphones, by a tiny start-up, are the best I've EVER tried. I stood there screaming "IT'S LIKE I HAVE THE BAND IN MY SKULL!

Caitlin Moran

Full disclosure. I was sent two FREE pairs of these new earphones from Flare Audio, but with no obligation to endorse or write about them. They’re the best earphones I’ve ever used. Lovely deep bass, but with pin sharp clarity and definition at the high end. First things I listened to were Hot Chip’s Thieves In The Night & John Legend’s Penthouse Floor, both utterly immersive. Then I played some filthy old rocksteady 45s and heard detail, especially on the bass drum, that was previously hidden in the murk. They also go LOUD.
I asked my daughters for a second opinion. They made off with both pairs. Their previous earphones had cost more than twice as much as these. Once again, I was sent the earphones for free, but under no obligation to endorse or write about them.

Pete Paphides, DJ and Music Journalist: Melody Maker, The Guardian, Time Out, Q Magazine

They’re easily the best in-ear earphones I’ve ever used. Lovely bottom end, beautiful depth and clarity to the overall sound. The effect doesn’t seem to be restricted to certain genres either. I’m even hearing details in murky old Jamaican rocksteady productions that had previously eluded me. It’s quite unbelievable.

Pete Paphides, DJ and Music Journalist: Melody Maker, The Guardian, Time Out, Q Magazine