Imagine if you had X-ray hearing.

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Flares® JET earphones contain a new revolutionary patent-pending technology that uses jets to control and focus sound directly into your ears.

The result is the deepest bass and vastly increased levels of detail revealing subtleties that you’ve never heard before.

Sound quality increases as the model number goes up. Starting with Flares Jet 1 through to the premium model of Flares Jet 3, made of grade 5 titanium.

Flare Audio Ltd

We understand how important music is to you.

Imagine if you had X-Ray hearing. Flares® JET earphones give you the ability to hear all the subtle nuances and detail in your favourite music. Combine this with superb isolation and get the best sound anywhere.

Flare Audio Ltd
Flare Audio Ltd
Flare Audio Ltd
  • Jet patent-pending sound balancing technology
  • Precision turned from titanium, aerospace aluminium or high tensile polymer
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack connector
  • Microphone and controller capabilities
  • Cable Length | 1.15m
  • Driver diameter | 10mm
  • Frequency response | 05-20KHz
  • Driver sensitivity | 93dB/1mW
Flare Audio Ltd

The Bag

What's inside...

Jet Technology

Precise pressure balancing across all frequencies

Patent Pending


Sound Isolation

The silicone tips have been designed to fit the majority of ear types.

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Flares® JET Carry Pouch

Both models come with a drawstring carry pouch to store your Flares® JET earphones.

More Accessories

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