CE certified Isolate® ear protectors.

Improve concentration, reduce annoying sounds and protect your ears. Turn down the volume with the new-generation Isolate ear protectors.


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The latest edition Isolate® features a newly designed, lightweight, low visibility body and upgraded foam tips for premium comfort, superior fit and maximum sound attenuation.

Protect your ears and lower the volume...

• During gigs and concerts

• When travelling / commuting

• For motorcycles

• In the workplace

• When studying

• Anywhere you'd like a quieter environment

What does Isolate do?

• Lower loud and harmful noises to protect your ears

• Reduces stressful frequencies

• Average attenuation of 32 dB across the range


• CE Certified to European standards

• Injection moulded ABS or precision turned aluminium or titanium

• Re-invented spherical tips for the ultimate fit

• Replaceable memory foam tips available in standard and large sizes. Easy-clean and hypoallergenic

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"As a live music photographer, I spend a lot of my time close to PA systems, amplifiers, machine gun kick-drums and crashing cymbals. Without Flare Audio Isolate ear protection, my life would be very different. I shoot music because of my love for it and if I damage my hearing, it would hamper my ability to enjoy that music for the rest of my life."

Steve Dempsey Down The Barrel Photography

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Playing with the grandkids is possible again!

I bought a variety of products from Flare in response to my 62-year old husband experiencing extreme noise stress (and tinnitus) in family settings this summer. He tried all of the Flare products and I'm reviewing what we found. Calmer didn't help him much, but he LOVED Isolate! He said it gave him just enough of a break from the onslaught of happy grandkid noise that his tinnitus wasn't triggered and he could enjoy hanging out with them again. Thanks for all your work!

David Vernon
They're pretty good.

I thought they would block out more sound than they do. Having said that, I wear these earplugs at the Gym while working out and they have significantly cut down on the volume of the doof music playing. I want to work out and not make my tinitus worse and I think they do a good ob.


I recently moved jobs into one with a much noisier environment, and really wanted something to protect my ears since I tend to be quite sensitive to noise (hence my previous purchases of Calmer buds!). The Isolate are super easy to put together and put in your ears. I absolutely love them and they make my time at work so much more bearable. I also wore them to a gig and was amazed at how I could still enjoy the music whilst not feeling like my eardrums were about to pop! I can’t recommend the Isolate enough, they really do the job and I couldn’t be happier.

So good to cut out the noise

I love my new Isolate earplugs - great for cutting out extra noise - especially when I have a migraine or when I’m trying to concentrate on getting something done ✔️
Thanks so much Flare audio for such great products- I would definitely recommend these.

Peter Wardlaw

On my second set ( lost the first set) would definitely recommend 👍

Steve Rauer
Nifty, like magic protection.

The suppression is so flat across the frequency range it feels like they are doing nothing, hearing seems normal, Despite this harmful pressure is prevented from entering the ear. Very impressed.

The Materials

Isolate comes in three models. Clear, Aluminium and Pro

Pro | Our premium Pro model not only has the highest grade turned titanium finish but also has the most even frequency attenuation.

Aluminium | The Aluminium variant has a naturally anodised finish and is precision turned from solid aluminium.

Clear | The Clear version is made from injection moulded ABS and features a completely transparent look.

A Reliable Universal Fit

The difference between the highest and lowest test value for each frequency band is called Standard Deviation (row three).

The lower this number is, the closer each test subjects results were. For example; at 1000 Hz the difference between the highest and lowest test result was 3.0 dB.

A low difference like 3.0 means subjects were achieving a similar universal and accurate fit meaning a more reliable and safer experience.

Other leading earplug manufacturers have a higher standard deviation shown here.

Even Attenuation

The attenuation difference between the SNR High/Medium/Low ratings is also just 3 dB whereas the market leading standard foam earplugs is as much as 10 dB.

By attenuating frequencies more evenly, the user is safely protected from harmful levels of bass, mid and treble whilst enjoying an accurate sound experience.

Just at a much lower volume.

Technical Specification

TECHNOLOGYIsolate is CE certified to EN352-2 European standard. Our re-invented replacement tips offer supreme fitting by using a sphere shape to block the ear canal.

without tip• Length: 18mm
• Diameter: 3mm
with standard tip• Length: 21mm
• Width: 11mm

StemTransparent ABS | Aluminium | TitaniumTipsSuper-soft memory foam

PACKAGINGIsolate arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

SNR RATING32 dB average across the range

INCLUDED WITH EVERY SET OF ISOLATEWith every pair of Isolate you also receive a Flare carry pouch, one pair of standard and large tips and fitting instructions.

Isolate does not contain latex

Time to accessorise

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