Sleeep® Flex


Tech Spec

  • Technology

    Flexi-core enables the earplug to bend and flex in every direction, keeping one tip sealed in the ear and the other providing comfort at any pressure points whilst sleeping.

    Dual-tips allow the user to put a larger size on the outside to act as a large cushion on the ear.

  • Noise Reduction

    Sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, the silicone frame, the air gap of the frame and then back through the memory-foam tip.

  • Materials

    Soft silicone flexi-frame

    Super-soft memory-foam Earfoams®

    100% Recyclable packaging

  • Earfoams

    Sleeep® Flex comes with three sets of memory-foam Earfoams® in the following sizes:

    Extra Small | Small | Medium

  • Core Size

    Length - 16mm

    Width - 7mm

  • Earfoams Size

    Extra Small



  • Packaging

    Sleeep® Flex is the first product we have moved to 100% recyclable packaging.

    We plan to make all our packaging environmentally friendly, we hope you like it!

  • Accessories

    With every Sleeep® Flex, you also receive three sets of Earfoams® and a Flare® mesh pouch.



    Sleeep® Flex is made entirely out of soft and flexible silicone which allows the earplug to bend where you do, making it the most comfortable earplug in the range.

    Due to the flexi centre, the tip that goes into your ear canal will stay in place and maintain a good seal whilst allowing the outer tip to move around, providing a cushion at any pressure point.

    If you are looking for an earplug that reduces background noise to a much more manageable level whilst providing you with a super comfy fit for all ear types, then Sleeep® Flex is your best bet.

What's Included


    Each pair of Sleeep® Flex comes with three sets of memory-foam Earfoams® (extra small, small and medium).

    Also included is a Flare® mesh carry pouch to store your earplugs and extra tips.

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What's in the bag?

What's in the bag?