Zero 12


Tech Spec

  • Technology

    Two patented technologies

    Space and Vortex technology

  • Frequency Range

    12 - 50 - 4kHz

    12B - 30 - 2.5kHz

  • Enclosure Materials

    Front and back plates

    Anodised aerospace aluminium


    Recycled paper

  • Connectors

    12 - Double Neutrik NL8

    12B - Double Neutrik NL8

    (Neutrik NL4 is also available with custom orders)

  • Power

    12 - 700 W AES

    12B - 900 W AES

  • Enclosure Dimensions

    12 - 425mm x 190mm

    12B - 425mm x 190mm

  • Driver Sensitivity

    12 - 99 dB @ 1 W/1m

    12B - 96 dB @ 1W/1m

  • weight

    12 - 25kg

    12B - 19kg



    Flare Zero harnesses our unique patented technologies and delivers them beautifully to maximum effect resulting in ground-breaking audio delivery in a breath-taking design.

    Zero is a modular loudspeaker that can be deployed in limitless formations and is available in individual components or as one of our exemplary stereo configurations.

The Technology


    There are over 1400 vortices in each speaker which matches the surface area as each driver. These intricate patented vortices remove rear driver energy and internally reflected interference. Minimum distortion, maximum clarity.

    This unique arrangement creates the holy grail of the audio world: a true infinite baffle. This produces beautifully clean and defined audio with perfect timbre replication and revealing more distinct subtleties in sound than ever before.

    But what’s more…

    The loudspeaker enclosure for Zero is 100% recyclable.

    We use Space technology to clamp layers of recycled paper between solid milled aluminium plates. Such force, means the paper becomes extremely rigid, reducing distortion and enabling the driver to move freely without interference from an enclosure.

    All the vortices have been deployed into 2mm thick pieces of recycled paper.

Delivery Information


    Free collection from Flare Audio HQ

    Shipping POA. If you would like a shipping quote, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

    Each Zero is made to order, please allow for 12 weeks delivery time.