Calmer® PRO

Our most advanced Calmer in the range.

Worn in the ear to minimise stressful sounds and focus on the important ones.


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Reduces noise related stress & sensory overwhelm - without isolating you from sounds you want to hear.

Very helpful for those with: sensitive hearing, hyper-sensitivity to sound associated with autism, hyperacusis, misophonia, noise related stress & other hearing conditions.

Perfect for…

• Parenting • Travelling • Working • Studying • Focussing

Anywhere you'd like a calmer environment.

What does Calmer Pro do?

• A clever gadget that reduces
stressful frequencies without muffling sound.

• Soothes sound sensitivities & helps you feel calmer.

• Learn More • The Calmer Range • Customer Stories


Premium model in the Calmer Range - What's the difference?

• Comfortable soft-touch silicone. Washable & reusable.

• Soft silicone outer with precise aluminium core

• Tested by the ISVR: University of Southampton. (Read more)

• Patent pending technology: GB2593205 | PCT/GB2021/05076

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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Love my ears

I purchased a few more things.
The company has made great progress, I am very pleased with its innovation, everything is in place.
Keep going, so.
Thank you.

My,little secret;)

I have the first model, when I saw it I knew I had to buy.
Admittedly, over time I realized that my ear structure is smaller, and I asked if producing, at the time they said no.

And here's a dream come true! I bought my mini pro, really improves the quality of life, can not work without them.

Theresa Oster
All day every day!

I use these everyday and as long as I'm away from home, they're in! Worth every penny!

Amazing little invention

They seem to help a lot when driving for some reason, and when walking along a road side they make the sound of traffic more bearable. They do have a calming effect on my hyperacusis in some situations. Would like to see them in vibrant colours, although the black has already begun to wear off. I do have days when they just won't sit right and end up feeling stressed and removing them, and I wonder if I bought the wrong size for my ears.

Carla Garcia
Te doy un ejemplo de lo bien que funcionan

Me ayudan a aislar muy bien el sonido ruidoso sin dejar de escuchar lo importante. Puedo poner un ejemplo práctico: antes al caminar por las calles el sonido de los autos me molestaba mucho y me asustaba, eso me producía desorientación. Ahora usando mis calmer, por supuesto que oigo el sonido de los autos, pero el sonido ya no me irrita ni me asusta y puedo andar con más confianza por las calles.

Me falta usarlos por más tiempo para conocer en qué otras áreas me podrán ayudar, pero definitivamente ante los sonidos agudos o molestos, ahora me siento más segura, porque no me provocan tanta irritación al oírlos.

Keren Shlezinger
Love it

Great! So helpfull

I wore mine all afternoon when I was out in the noisy High Street and in the evening at dinner then watching tv! They are Superb!

Chris Kimsey Producer | The Rolling Stones, Inxs, Duran Duran

Hearing Sensitivities

Since launching Calmer we've heard how much they've been helping autistic people with managing noise sensitivities. Read our blogs from people who got in touch with us to let us know how helpful they’d found them.

Read now

Technical Specification

TECHNOLOGYCalmer PRO reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny aluminium waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha.

Exterior• Length: 11.7mm
• Width: 12.6mm

MATERIALS • Soft-touch durable silicone• Precision milled aluminium

PACKAGINGCalmer arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

Included with Calmer Pro• 1x pair of Calmer Pro• Flare carry pouch• User guide

Calmer Pro does not contain latex

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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