Calmer® Night

A small in-ear device that reduces trigger noises for a peaceful nights sleep.


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Product Description

• Calmer® Night is a life-changing earplug alternative that reduces annoying noises without
blocking sound in the evening or during the night.

• They are hollow and accurately reflect sound into our ears making trigger noises much more

• Wearing Calmer® Night lets you wind down and relax, making everything sound natural whilst
remaining engaged with your surroundings.

• Calmer® Night is tuned to provide an extra-calming experience specifically for settling
down before bed.

• Made from softer, comfortable, flexible silicone which is reusable and easy to clean.

Perfect for

Busy places • Eating and chewing • Electric buzz/Smartphone sounds • Traffic • Cutlery • Ticking/Tapping • Children/Family noise

Also suitable for

Sensory overwhelm • Sensitive hearing • Enhanced focus and concentration • Relaxation and well-being • Supporting sensory needs • Various auditory challenges

More Info

• Also available in Standard, Soft, Secure, Kids and Pro models.

• Calmer fitting video

The Calmer Range | Customer Stories

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Hard Cases

Customer Reviews

Based on 463 reviews
Rui Guimarães
Calmer & Night

The silicone plugs are ok but do not solve my hyperacussis strident sounding in my ears nor the hissing sounds I continue to experience like tinnitus frequencies because they originate inside my head.
However with a tiny bit of cotton wool in the cavities I managed to attenuate the harsh crisp sounds from cutlery, metals, even plates and paper crunching or plastic like PET water bottles being stamped upon for recycling.
So, all in all it can be useful but they are not the answer to my pleas. This is a consequence of Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction with liquid being retained in the tubes and even causing my voice to be heard by myself as if I am talking through a barrel.

Thanks for your kind suggestion though. The Night ones are not that much needed where I am as it is quite around here and my head calms down anyway till the morning.

I may need to try some of your other new gadgets but only as a test case if you can supply it for free till I can judge for myself whether they are going to be of use in my condition.

Cant cope without them

Im not triggered so much by high putched noise

Hi Stephen! Thanks for the review, that's great to hear

Sílvia Silva
Works for its purpose

Does work for its purpose, still using for a short amount of time to give a definitive review
Calmer mini's size worked for me~
Thank you Flare

One product. Two huge benefits.


Sleep with the comfort of knowing that stress inducing sounds will be smoothed out and less irritating.

Minimal loss in volume means you can still hear alerts during the night but the sharp sudden edge is greatly reduced.

Evening stress relief

Calmer Night uses an extra soft, flexible silicone providing superior comfort for evening use.

Evenings at home can now be enjoyed without stress triggering sounds from children, alarms or notifications.

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Technical Specification

A small in-ear device that reduces trigger noises for a peaceful nights sleep.

TECHNOLOGYCalmer reduces resonance (distortion) by using a tiny waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the effect of the Concha.

The Calmer Night edition is specifically designed to further reduce this resonance for sleeping.

CORE SIZE (Standard)• Length: 21.3mm
• Width: 12.6mm

CORE SIZE (Mini)• Length: 21.3mm
• Width: 10.8mm

MATERIALS Extra soft-touch durable silicone

PACKAGINGCalmer arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

INCLUDED WITH EVERY SET OF CALMERWith every pair of Calmer you also receive a Flare carry pouch.

Calmer does not contain latex

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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