Flare® PRO 2HD

So you think you've heard detail?

“I can only say, wired OR wireless, in my opinion these are the best sounding and give most faithful reproduction of music from a pair of earphones I have ever heard.”
Hugh Padgham Producer: The Police, Sting, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and XTC

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"We believe that Flare® PRO 2HD generates the highest quality sound ever..."

How have we achieved this?

The Flare® PRO earphone has been put under the microscope and undergone substantial changes to its structure and technology. Introducing Flare® PRO 2HD. Improvements include:

• Flare’s JET technology and Acoustic Lens technology have been maximised to reveal more musical detail than has ever been previously achieved. The jets in HD have been refined at a microscopic level, enabling precision driver movement accuracies that have not been possible, until now. This allows the tiniest driver movement to remain highly accurate inside Flare® PRO 2HD and as such our ears can hear previously unheard levels of detail in every track along with large increases of dynamics, realism, layering and stereo imaging.

• The Acoustic Lens at the front of the earphone has been coated in a micro layer of rhodium. This rhodium coating ensures a super-slick and flawless mirror finish to the Acoustic Lens which increases the accuracy and speed of sound information, focusing it at the highest possible resolution.

• Increased earphone cell thickness in the body and end cap to better eliminate remaining structural resonances. There is also an increase in diameter towards the end of the earphone which improves isolation, reducing cable noise and ambient sounds entering and interfering with your music.

Feel reassured with our Sound Quality Guarantee. If you don't think that the Flare® PRO 2HD is most detailed sound you have ever heard in an earphone, at any price point, you can return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.

Flare Audio Ltd
  • 1 | Flare® PRO 2HD earphones

    - HD Anti-Resonance technology
    - HD Dual Jet technology
    - HD Acoustic Lens technology
    - Made from rhodium coated brass
    - 5.5mm beryllium drivers
    - Superior passive noise isolation
    - Three types of T200 compatible Flare Earfoams®
  • 2 | MMCX Professional Connectors

    - Balanced connectivity
    - Gold plated MMCX professional connectors
    - Moulded TPE terminals
    - Reinforced cable stress points
  • 3 | Jack Connector

    - Gold plated 3.5mm jack connector
    - Reinforced and stress tested polyaramid cable
  • 4 | Balanced Splitter

    - Balanced MMCX terminals
    - Oxygen free copper cable
  • 5 | FLARES® Wireless DAC

    - Bluetooth® wireless technology.
    - Fully compatible with all Bluetooth® devices. See below for further spec.
  • 6 | Three types of Earfoams®

    - Three styles of Earfoams® included for the perfect fit
    - Colour coded sizing
    - T200 compatible
    - All available in small, medium and large
  • Download theFlare® PRO 2HD booklet for a full tech spec andfitting instructions
Flare Audio Ltd
Flare Audio Ltd
Flare Audio Ltd

The Cube

What's inside...

Flare® PRO 2HD earphones

International Patent Application - WO2016162681
UK Patent Application Numbers - 17 07343.8 | 17 07037.6

Dual Jet Technology

Precise sound balancing across all frequencies. Our Jet technology has been refined to produce as accurate driver movement as possible

Anti-Resonance Technology

Combining Dual Jet and Acoustic Lens Technology, as well as a rhodium coated shell, results in no added colouration to the sound. Increased earphone cell thickness in the body and end cap to better eliminate remaining structural resonances

Acoustic Lens Technology

Coated in a micro layer of rhodium, the acoustic lens focuses sound directly on to the eardrum, in unison with the Flare® Earfoams®, resulting in extremely accurate delivery

Everyday Earfoams®

Flare® Everyday Earfoams® let you enjoy high quality audio without having to worry about replacing your Earfoams®. Also built with Acoustic Lens technology, this silicone version is the ultimate in durability yet still provides an immersive audio experience

Audiophile Earfoams®

Focused on delivering the purest sound, our Audiophile Earfoams® are specifically designed for transparency by using Acoustic Lens technology. This projects sound directly into the ear canal resulting in extremely accurate delivery. When the tip is compressed inside the ear, the opening of the tip remains undisturbed creating a clear pathway for all your music

Flare® Wireless DAC

With balanced outputs, 12hrs playback and PRO MMCX connections, you can now swap between cable and wireless options and never worry about running out of battery again. For the highest quality audio use the Flare® wireless DAC with its balanced class A-B outputs with no crosstalk interference

USB to Micro USB Charger Cable

USB connectivity with a maximum of 2hrs charge time

Flare® Carry Case

This is the Flare® hard case which includes two mesh pouches to store your earphones and its accessories

Universal Earfoams®

Flare® Universal Earfoams® can be found inside your carry case. Made from a more durable, water-based memory foam, Universal Earfoams® are shaped to fit the majority of ears. If comfort is the most important thing, then look no further