From the inventor | Since designing our first earplug 5 years ago I have been constantly striving to design and invent an earplug that is perfect for sleeping.

From our customers feedback I knew it had to be three things.

  • 1. Very effective
  • 2. Extremely comfortable - especially when sleeping on your side
  • 3. And lastly super easy and simple to use

Those three features led me to design Sleeeps®.

I spent a long time trying to find the perfect memory foam that had just the right rebound time combined with a surface smooth enough to wipe clean.

The bendy silicone grip assists in fitting the Sleeeps comfortably in your ear and then tucks neatly away.

Tech Spec

  • Technology

    Sound is reduced by the change in density of materials between the memory-foam tip, and the silicone stem. Not only that, the more suitable round tip creates a snug fit.

  • Noise Reduction

    We’ve topped a bendy silicone stalk with a little ball of ultra soft memory foam for a comfy, effective noise reducing seal that is designed to fit everyone.

  • Materials

    Soft silicone stem

    Super-soft memory-foam

    100% Recyclable packaging

  • Memory-Foam Tip

    The memory-foam tip on Sleeeps is a ball shape that fits the majority of ear sizes.

    Sleeeps are re-usable and should be replaced monthly. For more information visit our FAQs

  • Core Size

    19mm x 3mm

  • Memory-foam tip size

    11mm sphere shape

  • Packaging

    Sleeeps® comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

    We plan to make all our packaging environmentally friendly, we hope you like it!

  • Accessories

    With every three pack of Sleeeps® you also receive a Flare® mesh pouch.

    Gift sets also come with a solid milled aluminium rest to hold your earplugs whilst not in use.

    Sleeeps Rest purchased separately does not include earplugs. 



    Our most lightweight, mini and user-friendly earplug yet!

    A flexible silicone stem and super soft memory foam ball have been combined to form a single piece earplug that moulds neatly to the shape of your ear canal. Designed to fit all ear shapes and sizes, the ball has an extra-long rebound time to make sure users get the best seal and most effective noise reduction.

What's Included


    With every three pack of Sleeeps® you also receive a Flare® mesh pouch.

    Gift sets also come with a solid milled aluminium rest to hold your earplugs whilst not in use.

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