earHD® 360

A small device worn in the ear to increase sound quality from any direction. earHD 360 features a unique technology that reduces distortion in our ears and enhances all audio experiences.

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Chosen colour: Clear

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What does earHD 360 do?

• Reduces audio distortion and enhances audio experiences

• Accurately guides sound into the ear

• Upgrades your listening experience

Increases sound quality while…

• Listening to headphones

• Listening to a car stereo

• Listening to home HiFi

• At concerts

• Anywhere you'd like better sound



• Fits comfortably and discreetly inside the ear and easy to remove

• Moulded in ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish

• Available in 'one size fits most' size

• Patent pending technology | 2004011.9

• Independently tested by ISVR

(Institute of Sound and Vibration Research)


What's included

• One pair of earHD 360

• Flare® carry pouch

• Instruction manual

• Supplied in 100% recyclable paper packaging


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
For real music lovers!

I listen to music almost every day and I must admit that I was very excited after my first use!

The earHD helps to notice different sound layers of the song that are NOT EASY to notice without (yet not impossible).
The bass is much more present and leads the song as it should.
When it comes to vocals, the words are more clearer, especially in "ASMR songs", also relevant for the secondary harmonies.

Regarding the remarks above, there are songs that are more enhanced than the others, and I guess the quality of the headphones can be a factor too. And though the change is not very big, the overall experience is very good!

Unlike CALMER, it's stiff, less comfy and tends to pull out of my ears after some time, so I have to adjust it several time when using it.
But it might be the specific structure of my ears and that's the only reason I gave it 4 stars.
Actually I can't wait Flare to upgrade the product!
(They also have great customer service too and helped me with my questions!)

I believe that most of the people can live without it, but the entire experience still makes me want to use it anytime I listen to music. So I think that people who care about their music experience will enjoy it!

Richard L.
Gives my ears a rest.

I started using the earHD 360°'s to combat ear fatigue during longer sound editing sessions. My ears are much happier when using this pair for a few hours of the overall session. There are a few high frequencies that I miss while wearing them and I feel the lower mids seem hyped slightly to me...so I need them out for fine tuning. But, definitely a worthwhile purchase and can recommend them. *They do take a bit of time to get used to the change in frequencies.

Lizzy and the Danger Noodles
A Sound Musical Experience

I have been using the Ear HD 360s for a couple of weeks now and I am enjoying my experience.
I have been using them with my cans while using my PC (while i do researching and other mundane tasks lol) as I have multiple music playlists to listen to.
It makes me feel more focused and makes me feel more present in the piece I'm listening to,
you can hear a whole piece or individual sounds if that's what you want to hear.
I find talking pieces, like audiobooks, are a lot more immersive as if you where at the reading itself.

Much like the Calmer I do feel my anxiety is reduced while listening, even though I use these for listening to music/ media only, I believe this is down to the technology used by the plugs help with the rebounding.
The ear pieces themselves stay in quite well and have not caused any irritation to my ears and are easy to clean.

A point to note, whether its good or bad is a personal one, I noticed that that while using the Ear HD 360s that the frission ('Frisson, also known as aesthetic chills or musical chills') reaction is reduced.
This is my personal experience, so this may not happen to others.

I am enjoying using the Flare ranges and recommend the Ear HD 360s for anyone who just wants to get lost in the audio whether it be music, TV, concert and especially if you use noise cancelling headphones.

Technical Specification

A small device that worn in the ear to increase sound quality.

TECHNOLOGYearHD 360 increases sound quality by using a tiny waveguide to reflect sound into our ear which bypasses the resonant effect of the Concha.

CORE SIZE• Length: 11.7mm
• Width: 12.6mm

MATERIALS Injection moulded ABS or Polycarbonate for a high gloss black or clear finish

PACKAGINGearHD 360 arrives in 100% recyclable packaging.

INCLUDED WITH EVERY SET OF earHD 360With every pair of earHD 360 you also receive a Flare carry pouch and user manual.

Patent pending2004011.9
Design registration6085879

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