New Flare® PRO 2HD

‘most detailed sound ever achieved in an earphone’

Flare Audio Limited has announced the arrival of its highest quality earphone to date, the Flare® PRO 2HD.  Available now and providing both wired and wireless play, the PRO 2HD is the culmination of further refinement of the company’s ever-evolving tech. Flare believes the result is the most detailed sound ever heard in any earphone - at any price point.

“At Flare we are continually pushing boundaries to advance sound quality, and aren’t afraid to shake up traditional thinking,” states Davies Roberts, company founder. “With the Flare PRO 2HD, we’ve been able to further enhance our JET technology to improve high frequency detail, letting you hear more elements than ever before. In terms of hearing tracks true to source, we believe this delivers the highest sound quality ever heard in an earphone.”

While aimed at all serious music lovers, the PRO 2HD is also expected to appeal to professional musicians who can use it as an IEM (in-ear monitor) on stage, due to its superb isolation and high level of detail.

The team at Flare are so confident that the PRO 2HD delivers; they’re giving a ‘Sound Quality Guarantee’.  If you don’t think that the Flare PRO 2HD is the most detailed sound you’ve ever heard in an earphone, at any price, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

For those who want a superior sound but with a smaller budget, Flare recently launched the Flares PRO 2, which still provides outstanding clarity but at a more modest price.

To create the HD, Flare’s highly-regarded previous PRO model was put under the microscope and underwent further advancements to its structure and technology. Increased earphone cell thickness in the body and end cap better eliminates remaining structural resonances.  Flare’s JET technology and Acoustic Lens technology have been maximised to reveal even more musical detail than has ever been previously achieved, and the JET technology refined to produce as accurate driver movement as possible, leaving the 5.5mm beryllium driver unrestricted to move freely.

The Acoustic Lens at the front of the earphone has also been coated in a micro-thin layer of rhodium. This coating ensures a super-slick and flawless finish to the acoustic lens which increases the accuracy and speed of the sound, focusing it at the highest possible resolution.

The Flares® PRO 2 and PRO 2HD supersede the previously hailed Flares® Pro and Flares® Gold models, again offering wired or wireless play, three types of Earfoams® in three sizes (small, medium, and large) as well as a Flare® hard case.

With an impressive track record of pro loudspeaker products and earphones, the Flare brand is favoured by many producers, musicians, and audio lovers that seek outstanding clarity and a ‘totally immersive’ audio experience. The new PRO 2HD is a prayer answered for perfectionists who want their audio true to source, as the artist intended.


Flare® PRO 2HD: RRP £399 and Flares® PRO 2: RRP £299; both models can be purchased from , and selected retailers.